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Acegap The large land constantly say, "I give many handouts, I'm very charitable" ... When a powerful few bucks spent on a public charity, which proclaims to the four winds by the press and radio, and everybody says: "This is a good man" ... However, despite so much outcry and propaganda, the city streets are full of men who lost their jobs, mothers who give a piece of bread to feed their hungry children. Of cripples begging or trying to work selling lottery, newspapers, etc., Not starvation, of parents looking for work, etc., Etc., Etc. And yet he speaks of charity ... That is the sad irony of the world. Where is the love?.

There is in man a fatal tendency to always be considered greater than the miserable life. The banker, the businessman, the elegant lady, passing on the street, arrogant, haughty, and when they find a pariah in his way of life, not watch it if they do is to throw a coin with pride. Do not want to realize these superb, the beggar, the disabled, the unemployed man, the hungry mother, no less than anyone. Which are equal to us. Who are our brothers.

We are all human and as such we are one big family: the human family. The pain of every human being affects one way or another the whole family.

Charity means well understood the full recognition of human rights. It is not fair that a few have the joy of home ownership, luxury car, rent, etc., Etc., While the great majority succumbed to misery. It is not just that the enjoyment elegant lady in his mansion, while in the door you feel tired and hungry poor mother who claims a piece of bread. We are all humans, the blood that runs through the veins of unhappy, also runs through the veins of the powerful. It is the blood of the Human Family.

It is absurd to look down on our peers, our brothers, it is illogical to consider them all as strangers, no one can be strange in the family. The mighty mighty aid, the government helps the "illustrious" and abandons the unhappy in its own fate.

The current society needs to go through a true and fair SOCIAL REFORM. That is the Christ Social. We need to fan the flame of the spirit through the power of love. We need to develop creative understanding.